The Bald Explorer video

Long Man Brewery features in this episode of The Bald Explorer which aired on the Community Channel and on YouTube.

The Long Man of Wilmington has long been a mystery. The strange figure, cut into the north slopes of the South Downs above the rural village of Wilmington with his two staves, has baffled experts for years.

Craft Pier

Craft Pier update

We would like to say thank you to all of who did your bit by drinking a pint (or two hopefully!) of Craft Pier, a beer produced to help raise money for the Eastbourne Pier Benevolent Fund following the July 30th fire last year. Following our pledge we have managed to raise £2,500 for the fund, a group which comprises charitable organisations, supported by Eastbourne accountants OBC, but there is still much more to do! Craft Pier will be coming back soon so please do your bit and raise a glass, and some cash this Summer!

More details on the Eastbourne Herald website.