Environmental sustainability
is at the heart of everything we do

Our award-winning beers are crafted in a converted flint barn in the heart of the South Downs National Park, and we put environmental sustainability at the core of everything we do.

We believe that by looking after the environment around us and sourcing everything we possibly can locally, we can produce the very Finest Sussex Ales as well as give back to the land and community we rely on to sustain our business.

Sustainability Barley Farm


We grow 500 acres of spring malting barley in the farmland surrounding the brewery. After brewing, over 150 Tonnes of ‘spent grain’ is fed to livestock on the farm, and any surplus is then composted.

Sustainability Water Usage


All the water used in our beers – approximately 1 million litres per year – is drawn from the aquifer beneath the chalk downs.  We use an advanced UV filtration system followed by ‘Burtonisation’ to ensure the water is perfect for brewing. Waste water is then collected, treated and used to help irrigate the farm.

Sustainability Hops


We use ‘whole leaf’ hops sourced from Sussex, Kent, and beyond, to give the perfect flavour, aroma and bitterness we require, as well as to support the Great British Hop Grower.


We ‘pitch’ our house yeast into every brew so that we can then harvest and re-pitch from each freshly fermented batch. This not only recycles our yeast but ensures the consistent character in all our beers.

Sustainability Solar Energy


A bank of 100 solar panels on the roof of the farm’s grain store generate 25kva of electricity per year to help power the Brewhouse.

Sustainability Labour


We believe in supporting local employment and our workforce of over 14 is sourced from the surrounding towns and villages.