Our Story

Our award-winning beers are crafted in a converted flint barn in the heart of the South Downs National Park, and we put environmental sustainability at the core of everything we do. Long Man beers are brewed using regeneratively farmed barley, grown on site here at Church Farm. No till, we use nature’s natural cycles and biodiversity to lock in carbon, keep the worm population healthy and prepare the soil for growing barley.

Our brewhouse is solar powered, our waste water is used for irrigation and our spent grain is fed to livestock. We believe that by looking after the environment around us and sourcing everything we possibly can locally, we can produce Naturally Excellent Beer as well as give back to the land and community we rely on to sustain our business.

  • Barley Environmental Sustainability
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    We grow 500 acres of spring malting barley using regenerative methods in the farmland surrounding the brewery. After brewing, over 150 Tonnes of ‘spent grain’ is fed to livestock on the farm, and any surplus is then composted.

  • Water Environmental Sustainability
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    All the water used in our beers – approximately 1 million litres per year – is drawn from the aquifer beneath the chalk downs. We use an advanced UV filtration system followed by ‘Burtonisation’ to ensure the water is perfect for brewing. Waste water is then collected, treated and used to help irrigate the farm.

  • Hops
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    We use ‘whole leaf’ hops sourced from Sussex, Kent, and beyond, to give the perfect flavour, aroma and bitterness we require, as well as to support the Great British Hop Grower.

  • Yeast Environmental Sustainability
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    We ‘pitch’ our house yeast into every brew so that we can then harvest and re-pitch from each freshly fermented batch. This not only recycles our yeast but ensures the consistent character in all our beers.

  • Energy Environmental Sustainability
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    A bank of 100 solar panels on the roof of the farm’s grain store generate 25kva of electricity per year to help power the Brewhouse.

  • Labour Environmental Sustainability
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    We believe in supporting local employment and the majority of our workforce is sourced from the surrounding towns and villages.

About Long Man Brewery

At Long Man Brewery, our story is as rich and robust as the beers we craft. Nestled in the picturesque village of Litlington in East Sussex, our historic flint barn has been the birthplace of award-winning, high-quality, balanced, and eminently drinkable cask and keg beers since 2012.

Our journey began in Litlington, on the 29 th April 2011, at a village party to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Duncan Ellis, third generation of his family to farm here at Church Farm, was discussing the challenges of diversification and securing the future of the farm in uncertain times, with his friend Stephen Lees. Stephen happened to have his own family business, H.T White & Co, one of the largest beers, wines and spirits wholesalers in the South East of England.

The perfect match?

A farmer, growing his own malting barley, with a passion for regenerative farming and sustainability, plus a customer focused, independent wholesaler, with a deep understanding of the market. As the beers flowed, the partnership was cemented, and all the ingredients for a successful future were secured.

After much project work, (some good times and some challenges!) the very first beer (a batch of Long Blonde, in case you were wondering) flowed out of a brand new fermenting vessel in March 2012, closely followed by the first brew of our flagship Sussex Best Bitter. After proving and testing, the beers were distributed to local pubs, while we eagerly awaited the first feedback, as the phones rang for repeat orders, we knew we were off to the right start.

Since then, we’ve cultivated a reputation for brewing excellence. From our flint barn headquarters, we pour our hearts and souls into every batch, aiming to craft the finest beers in the industry. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life at Long Man Brewery. We believe that great beer should not come at the expense of the environment. That’s why sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Unique story

Our unique story lies in our dedication to growing our own malting barley on-site. Using a no-till approach and regenerative farming techniques, we prioritise soil health and reduce our reliance on fertilisers.

We plant bio-diverse cover crops between arable rotations, promoting soil health, locking in carbon and working with nature to prepare the land for the next crop. “I tell this to my children: I’m just feeding the worms,” Duncan Ellis says. “If you feed the worms, they’ll look after the soil.”

To further reduce our ecological footprint, we’ve installed solar panels, allowing us to harness the power of the sun to fuel our brewing process. We draw our own water direct from the chalk filtered aquifer, ensuring sustainability in our water usage. Our treatment plant means waste water can be used for irrigation, and we even make the most of our spent grains by composting them or feeding them to livestock.

Our location

Our location in the heart of the South Downs National Park inspires us to preserve the beauty of our surroundings. We’re passionate about our community and the environment we call home, and we’re dedicated to making a positive impact.

When you savour a Long Man Brewery beer, you’re not just enjoying a drink; you’re experiencing a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Our award-winning beers are a testament to our dedication to quality, balanced flavours, and responsible brewing practices.

We invite you to join us on our journey, exploring the incredible taste and sustainability that Long Man Brewery has to offer. From our historic barn to your glass, we’re proud to share our passion for brewing and our love for the environment.

Cheers to quality, sustainability, and unforgettable flavours from our Naturally Excellent Beers.