Best Bitter

72 Pint Cask

£139.00 + £ 75.00 refundable deposit*

*Deposit is refunded upon return of the Cradle, Cask and Tap.

Please allow 48 for Bright beer orders

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What is the difference between bright and live beer?

Long Man beer is cask conditioned ale. This means living beer that is removed from fermentation before it’s ready to drink and conditioned in barrels that we can deliver to pubs with the right equipment to store and serve it correctly when fully conditioned.

Most people are not equipped at home to condition and look after live beer so we provide bright beer as an alternative. In order to achieve this, we separate the cloudy living yeast from the ale so all you’re left with is crystal clear ‘Bright’ beer. This means that when you collect the beer it is ready to drink and there is no settlement period required.

Many people enjoy ales at cooler temperatures. If you store our ale cold in a refrigerator this will improve its storage however it may develop a ‘Chill Haze’. A Chill Haze on your beer is nothing to worry about, it is the result of proteins naturally present in the beer clumping together due to the colder temperatures and becoming visible. Only the look of the beer is affected not the taste or quality.

Bright beer is best when consumed within 48 hours of collection from the brewery. If you choose to take live beer from the brewery this is best consumed within 5 days of collection but will require 24 hours to settle before consumption.


  • Style Best Bitter
  • Colour Amber
  • ABV 4.0%
  • Malt Church Farm Pale Ale, Aromatic
  • Hops Fuggles, Goldings


  • Sight Amber
  • Smell Fruity, Malty, Spicy
  • Taste Full, Hoppy, Dry Finish
  • Bitter 3.5 out of 5
  • Sweet 2 out of 5


  • Availability All year round
  • Allergy Advice Contains Barley and Wheat. More info
  • Ingredients

    Water, Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Hops, Yeast

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Please allow 48 for Bright beer orders